Meet The Team - Jannis Kunkel

Meet Jannis Kunkel from the Technical Planning Department.

Jannis Kunkel - Technical Planning

We are back with our #TeamTuesday and are very excited for you to get to know our team better. We would like to introduce you to Jannis Kunkel from Technical Planning as our first guest of 2023. Let's get into a conversation with Jannis!

Hello Jannis, welcome to the first episode of #TeamTuesday of 2023! How have you been between the years?

Hey, thanks for having me!

Well, after a much-needed break, we are back in the office in full force.

That's great to hear! When and how did you start at WENZEL ?

Istarted at WENZEL in 2015 as an apprentice precision mechanic. Seven years later, I am successfully working here in technical planning.

Super! What are your tasks and responsibilities in Technical Planning?

My work mainly revolves around machine planning and order distribution. I also have to ensure that the components are ready at the right time, calculate special components, optimize workflows, and adapt work plans and parts lists.

What soft skills did you learn during your time at WENZEL ?

The list is endless! But to name a few: Time management, efficient planning and organization are the most important for me in my job.

Jannis, please also tell us something about your hobbies and interests.

Surely not many people know this, but I am interested in planning big events. Some weekends I plan and organize electronic music parties and open airs with my friends. In a way it's very similar to my job with all the planning and organizing!

Thank you, Jannis, for sharing these insights with us!

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