Precise measurement of large-volume tapered roller bearings

Large gantry measuring machine combines coordinate and gear measuring technology

The Timken Company is known worldwide as a leader in the field of rolling bearings and power transmission. The founder Henry Timken is the inventor of tapered roller bearings, one of the main products of the plant in Xiangtan, China. Bearings are immensely important components in the industrial sector. Proper inspection and evaluation are the essence of quality assurance at Timken. The high quality requirements often demand accuracy in the μm range. The LHF Gear 4015 coordinate measuring machine from WENZEL plays an important role in ensuring the quality of Timken's large-taper bearings.

Reduce waste to a minimum

Timken workshops use some manual gauges to measure diameters. Manual measurement is very demanding on the operator, which makes it prone to measurement errors, increases costs and reduces production efficiency. Other properties such as form and position tolerance or waviness cannot always be satisfactorily measured manually.


The high-precision CMM LHF Gear from WENZEL represents the perfect solution for Timken's quality assurance challenges. It is a measuring machine that combines the functions of coordinate metrology and gear measurement. It was specially developed for large parts and complex workpieces with high precision requirements. The CMM measures rotating precision parts quickly and reliably. "For the parts that cannot be measured manually on the line, we use the high-precision LHF Gear coordinate measuring machine from WENZEL. It is our company's most important measuring device and has helped us reduce scrap to a minimum," explains Han Zhou, Quality Manager at Timken.

Durable machine and optimal service

When asked what criteria were decisive for the decision to purchase the WENZEL measuring machine, Zhou answers: "Firstly, the selected model had to be able to continuously deliver stable and accurate measurement results. Second, it had to be durable and error-free, and third, it had to provide optimal after-sales service. For this reason, we finally chose the solution from WENZEL ."


The horizontal design of the LHF series CMMs from WENZEL provides excellent accessibility for large parts. The large measuring range allows the highest degree of freedom of movement. The dual drive in the Y-axis of the LHF provides unparalleled dynamics and the guiding device provides unique stability. An air bearing, specially designed for high-precision measurement of large parts and complex workpieces, ensures wear-free running and precise guidance. The beam and the guide bearing are made of dark natural granite, so that these components have the same thermodynamic properties.

Loyal partnership

Timken and WENZEL maintain a loyal partnership. "Besides Timken's plant in Xiangtan, the LHF Gear is also used in our plant in Romania for measuring large bearings," Zhou reports. "The stroke of the X-axis is 'only' 4 meters, but with the help of the rotary table that extends the measuring stroke, a diameter of up to 4.3 meters can be achieved." This feature is undoubtedly the icing on the cake and fulfills Timkenn's desire for the widest possible measuring range.


"I have worked with the experts from WENZEL in Germany and know their know-how and professionalism. In addition, I have also worked with the colleagues from WENZEL Shanghai for more than ten years. Their reliability and responsible approach have left a lasting impression on me. Over the past ten years, I have come to know the excellent performance of measuring machines from WENZEL and I am convinced that WENZEL is a reliable partner," praises Zhou.

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