3D coordinate measuring machines

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Gantry gauges, horizontal armmeasuring machines and large CMMs are used in quality assurance to measure components and workpieces.

Gantry gauges are high-precision and dynamic 3D-measuring machines, used for measuring small to medium-sized workpieces. They are quick and easy to operate via the powerful WM | Quartis measuring software and are well suited for applications where fast measurement and high measuring accuracy are required.

Horizontal armmeasuring machines are larger than gantry gauges and are often used in the automotive and aerospace industries. They are capable of measuring larger components and workpieces, offer high measuring accuracy and are very robust. The horizontal armmeasuring machines also have the advantage of being very flexible and easily accessible.

Large CMMs are used to measure very large and heavy components and workpieces. In this area, WENZEL sets the absolute benchmark. The enormous measuring ranges for large-volume components are offered in gantry and bridge design. In combination with the 5-axis measuring head REVO from Renishaw you get a top class measuring solution.

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WENZEL stands for highest quality standards & reliability - The useful life of our machines is often over 20 years!

metrology has been our profession since 1968 and we have developed it to absolute perfection over the years.

We see ourselves as a provider of customised solutions for delivery times of series products. The binding nature of our promises is always our top priority.

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Length measuring technology with 3D coordinate measuring machines

Coordinate metrology is used to record dimensional measurement variables of geometries or free-form surfaces of individual parts, molds, models and tools. The elements on the workpieces are recorded and their measuring points are subsequently processed in the measuring software. With the development of coordinate measuring machines, it became possible to perform the measuring tasks faster and with very high accuracy. Therefore, coordinate measuring technology is indispensable today in the industrial production process for high productivity and precision.

The metrology has been our profession since 1968. As early as 1980, the first 3D coordinate measuring machine developed by WENZEL was introduced. Since then, WENZEL has been one of the world's most important suppliers of coordinate measuring machines and the largest family-run company in the industry.

With coordinate measuring machines from WENZEL , almost all measuring tasks can be mastered. From A for axis measurement to Z for gear measurement. The success of our customers depends to a large extent on the performance of measuring machines, the measuring software and the services (full services). Their requirements for quality assurance and quality testing are constantly increasing. WENZEL takes on this task every day, with the goal of making our customers' products even better.

Our range of services extends far beyond machine configuration. For the special metrological requirements of our customers, we have tailor-made measurement solutions at the ready: from conception and planning to turnkey handover. In addition to the production and installation of the measuring machines , this includes, for example, the necessary static calculations as well as the complete setup of the measuring room including the control and safety technology. Starting with the floor construction up to the software configuration - WENZEL makes almost everything possible!

Dimensional 3Dmetrology

The success of our CMM series is based primarily on a coherent overall concept and unconditional perfection in detail. The principle of success is mechanical accuracy and top mechanical engineering. The 3D coordinate measuring machines of the XO series are the ideal entry-level models for coordinate measuring technology. The gantry measuring machines combine speed, ease of operation and an excellent price/performance ratio. The coordinate measuring machines of the LH series have air bearing guide elements in all axes, which ensure wear-free and smooth operation. The roller-bearing horizontal armmeasuring machines of the R series offer a large measuring volume and perfect accessibility from all sides. Both CMM-ranges ensure maximum flexibility and dynamics.

High productivity, high precision and user-friendly operation, all rounded off by intelligent measuring software and a powerful service package, that is WENZEL. The measuring machines can be equipped with a wide range of swivel head and probe combinations, from rigid pick-up heads to motorized rotary and swivel heads, from tactile probes to high-precision 5-axis measuring systems such as Renishaw's REVO or our wide range of optical measuring systems.