Whether it's on-site at your location, with us, or online via virtual reality goggles, WENZEL is here to help you stay productive.

WENZEL Hotline - Always there for you

Do you need expert support? We are always here for you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

The right solution for you

No matter where you use your measuring machines , our service specialists are available to you worldwide if necessary. Even if you have not concluded a maintenance contract with us or have not purchased the products from us, you are welcome to call our hotline. Our competent service staff will do their utmost to help you and advise you.

  • First contact for all support questions
  • Direct contact to the contact person
  • Telephone consultation according to the needs of the user
  • First error analysis
  • Technical support and assistance
  • WOS - WENZEL Online Service
  • Initiation of further measures
  • Appointment and arrangement

Technical support

If the technology ever gives you problems - WENZEL provides you with the best possible support.

For highest machine availability

Whether in Sindelfingen, Sydney or Singapore is irrelevant for our technical customer service. Should your machine not work, our service specialists are available to you worldwide.

Often it is enough to repair corresponding components and modules. Our service technicians quickly restore your measuring device so that your quality control can continue smoothly.

Field Service

Do you need maintenance or repair? Now it's all about a fast response time. WENZEL has a worldwide network of experienced service specialists who can support you quickly and competently!


We are happy to carry out an inspection of your machine after a longer standstill or if the condition of the machine is unclear and determine the necessary effort to make your measuring device more efficient again.


Operators of measuring equipment must be able to rely on the reliability and measuring accuracy of their measuring systems at all times. Regular maintenance and the replacement of defined wear parts can extend the lifetime of your measuring machine.


It does not always have to be a replacement. Especially with high-quality machines, an economic repair is often possible. We use original spare parts so that your machine is quickly ready for use again. You will receive our manufacturer's warranty on the work carried out and the parts installed.


In the event that your measuring device is rarely used, we offer pure acceptance without maintenance work. These include adjustment as well as setting work with calibration and re-acceptance. This ensures that you always meet the requirements of your QA system.


Moving your measuring machine poses a variety of logistical challenges. Practical and economical solutions are required here. We are happy to support you in dismantling your machine and reassembling it at the new location, including subsequent acceptance and ensuring measurement accuracy.

WENZEL Online service

Reduce response and downtime effectively with our online service.

Your fast help

Whatever your concern, many questions can be resolved over the phone. In addition, there is the WENZEL Online Service (WOS). The WOS is the Internet-based remote diagnosis and maintenance service from WENZEL.

During the warranty phase, this service is a free component of the meter and includes online application support and service support. The WOS can be concluded subsequently. It significantly reduces response and downtime in the event of a malfunction and saves high travel costs.

Services and benefits

  • Quick and direct access to your machine by a WENZEL technician
  • Online error analysis
  • Adjustments and troubleshooting via WOS
  • Avoidance of downtimes
  • Maintenance work, e.g. updating firmware and software
  • Optional remote control of the computer by our support technicians
  • Accurate representation of what our technician detects on your system
  • Avoidance of long and costly journeys

Remote maintenance

Start remote maintenance

  1. Call your Software Hotline partner
  2. Start the remote maintenance software recommended by your hotline partner with a mouse click
  3. Enter the login data received from your hotline partner in the corresponding fields
  4. Follow the instructions of your hotline partner
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Parts supply

You need spare parts? Benefit from our large central warehouse and optimum availability.

High quality and reliable

We at WENZEL have high quality standards for our products. However, should your machine have a defect, we are there for you worldwide! WENZEL has a high parts availability due to its large central warehouse.

This means that we can guarantee you fast delivery of spare parts, buttons and accessories with a manufacturer's warranty at all times. Through our cost-effective, repair-by-exchange service, your parts are repaired and then reassembled by us.

  • Large central warehouse
  • Optimum availability
  • 24 hours express delivery
  • New spare parts with manufacturer's warranty
  • RBE replacement parts with manufacturer's warranty
  • Delivery ex works


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