Powertrain - Drive train

A look at the essentials


The powertrain includes all vehicle components that provide the drive, i.e. ensure that power is generated and transmitted to the road. These components therefore include the engine (whether petrol, diesel or electric), clutch parts, gearbox, differentials, axle parts, drive shafts, wheels, dampers and many more.

The engine - the heart of the vehicle

To measure castings such as engine blocks and cylinder heads, a WENZEL coordinate measuring machine combined with the REVO from Renishaw is the perfect tool. Gearbox housings can also be measured efficiently with this combination.

Also on offer: the SP25M - the world's most compact and versatile scanning probe system - and the SP80 with long styli for a long range combined with highly accurate measuring performance.

The drive

Modern combustion engines have up to 9 gears, but more and more electric vehicles also have 2 gears or even more. As the performance of the engines continues to grow, so do the quality requirements for the gearboxes. Since 2003 we have been manufacturing gear measuring devices and in 2021 we were able to present our brand-new GT Series gear measuring system.

Coordinate measuring machine LH

Quick & easy to accurate measurement results

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REVO® 5-axis measuring system

5-axis measuring system for maximum performance

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GT series

Special machine for gear measurement

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