Our measurement solutions for your quality assurance

WENZEL Advantage

WENZEL stands for highest quality standards & reliability - The useful life of our machines is often over 20 years!

metrology has been our profession since 1968 and we have developed it to absolute perfection over the years.

We see ourselves as a provider of customised solutions for delivery times of series products. The binding nature of our promises is always our top priority.

Branches & agencies in more than
50 countries - Think globally, act locally.

In order to always offer our customers the best possible solution , we work with strong industry partners.

Areas of application

Industrial applications

  • Product development, reverse design and quality testing, NDT testing
  • engineering services, automotive, aerospace, rail transport and other manufacturing industries.

Non-industrial applications

  • Education, scientific research, innovative digital medical assistance, digital arts and cultural
  • Creation, restoration of cultural relics and virtual museums, 3D sculpture, 3D creation, 3D display VR / AR, virtual exhibition hall,
  • Product development, differentiated design, 3D design and 3D printing

Advanced application

  • Combination with the portable 3D photogrammetry system INNO-LOCATOR for high-precision positioning and measurement of large parts
  • Automated online 3D scanning and inspection system
  • Coordinate alignment automatic, scanning and measuring fully automatic

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