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What is volume measurement technology?

Industrial computer tomographs are known from medical technology. They represent a further development of the classic 3D X-ray systems.

While radioscopy X-ray systems reproduce two-dimensional radiographic images of objects, computed tomography CT-metrology from WENZEL generates three-dimensional volume data. All relevant information about materials and geometries can be obtained from the scanned data.

The use of computed tomography in the industrial sector has proven itself in practice and the market potential is continuously increasing. The CT technology of the industrial computed tomographs from WENZEL is adapted to the applications in a wide range of industries where internal and external structures of components need to be measured and inspected completely and quickly (NDT).

The image below illustrates the functional principle of computed tomography: The object is placed between the tube and the detector in the CT. For the CT scan, the object is rotated 360°. During the rotation, X-rays are used to record two-dimensional radiographic images of the detector. In the computer, the component is calculated (reconstructed) as a 3D volume model from the radiographic images.

CT systems achieve the metrology

Surface data is generated from this volume model, which forms the basis for all subsequent evaluations. Small components are measured close to the X-ray source and larger components close to the detector. Due to the magnification, even the smallest details can be resolved.

Computer tomographs are becoming increasingly important for dimensional measurement and testing technology in industry. Especially for non-destructive testing (NDT), the exaCT series from WENZEL offers powerful and compact systems. The scan of an industrial computer tomograph decodes the complete "DNA of the component". But industrial computed tomography is also playing an increasingly important role as a measuring device. The advantages over tactile or optical systems are that the measurement data can be recorded completely and non-destructively.

Virtual programming and measuring is supported by intelligent measuring software. All measuring points of the captured component can be recorded without contact and thus internal structures can be determined. This also provides solutions for the quality assurance of complex 3D-printed components (additive manufacturing).