Horizontal arm CMMs

Coordinate measuring machines in column design

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Horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from WENZEL are the ideal choice when, for example, sheet metal parts are to be inspected in the automotive, aerospace or mechanical engineering and railroad industries. Large-volume and complex components are no problem in front of the horizontal armmeasuring machines . The open design of the coordinate measuring machines enables optimum accessibility.

The RA series CMMs are installed on the floor-level base plate in which the guiding system is integrated. This design allows the coordinate measuring machine to be easily fitted with large and heavy components such as complete vehicles. The horizontal armCMM combines mechanical accuracy with high reliability and convinces with open structure for best accessibility.

The machine concept of the RS-measuring machines is based on a stable base plate as a measuring table with a laterally mounted guide system. The horizontal armCMM can be integrated into an existing room concept in a highly flexible manner without a specific foundation. If required, the coordinate measuring machine can be moved to a new location at relatively short notice.

The RAX is the horizontal armCMM from WENZEL, which offers the largest measuring range. The coordinate measuring machine is often used for fast and precise measurement of large volume components such as car and commercial vehicle bodies or machine parts. The CMM was developed to production readiness in cooperation with a leading automotive manufacturer.

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Performance spectrum and fields of application of CMMs

The roller-bearing horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines of the R series offer maximum measuring volume for medium-sized and particularly protruding workpieces. Combined as a duplex design or through their measuring range, which can be extended as desired, the horizontal armmeasuring machines from WENZEL can be individually adapted to the measuring requirements and offer solutions that go far beyond the standard. The superior design and compact arrangement of the guiding elements allow perfect accessibility from all sides and ensure maximum flexibility and dynamics. The R-series CMMs can be equipped with a wide range of swivel head and probe combinations, from rigid pick-up heads to motorized rotary and swivel heads, and from simple touch probes to high-precision scanning probe systems and optical sensors.

Flexibly adaptable - The horizontal armmeasuring machines of WENZEL

  • The universally applicable RS (Roller Bearing-Side) stand-alone measuring device with guide elements attached to the side of the base plate can be easily integrated into existing room concepts.
  • Characteristic for the RA (roller bearing on base plate) / RAF (roller bearing on guide beam) coordinate measuring machines are the floor-level base plates on which the guide systems are mounted. Due to this design, the CMM can easily be equipped with heavy components up to complete vehicles.
  • The RAX measuring machine (roller bearing on base plate, XL measuring range) with its far above-average measuring range was specially developed for the needs of the automotive industry.
  • The RUF underfloor measuring machine is the ideal complement to the measuring centres when workpieces also need to be measured from below.

To extend the Y-measuring range, all coordinate measuring machines can be supplied in duplex arrangement.