exaCT series

A look inside the component

Our measurement solutions for your quality assurance

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial computed tomography systems for the measurement and non-destructive inspection (NDT) of complex internal and external structures, which are also ideally suited for automation.

The compact entry-level solution is the exaCT S CT system. The 3D X-ray system fits on any desk and offers high performance in the smallest space. The exaCT M CT measuring system is based on a workstation concept with integrated evaluation unit and is suitable for small to medium-sized components.

The exaCT L series is extremely flexible and offers high X-ray performance for all industrial computed tomography applications. The CT system offers a simplified, cost-effective and fully automated workflow for the entire CT analysis process. The universal exaCT U is the most powerful industrial computed tomography system in our portfolio with a large measuring volume. It enables the measurement and inspection of large workpieces with higher densities.

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Innovator in industrial computed tomography since 2008

Since 2008, WENZEL has been one of the innovators among CT manufacturers, offering high-performance and precise CT-machines, which performs 3D measurements of internal as well as external structures of objects in a non-contact and non-destructive (NDT) manner.

The exaCT series combines the decades of metrology experience and the exceptional quality of WENZEL with the high CT development competence, a modular system concept and an innovative detector technology. A wide range of device variants on industrial CT scanners allows adaptation to different customer requirements.

Measurements with tactile or optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) cannot be performed on every component. With exaCT volume measurement technology, measurements inside objects are also possible. Another advantage is the fast data acquisition and the high imformation density of the volume data. This makes the use of the CT systems technically and economically interesting wherever complete geometry acquisition is required in a short time

Fields of application

Industrial computed tomography makes it possible to examine a very broad spectrum from plastic and fiber composite components to light metal parts as well as small parts made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. The radiolucency of the material (density) as well as the geometries and wall thicknesses of the object determine whether it can be radiated through.

The strengths of exaCT CT systems become apparent in concrete applications. Here we present examples of applications that clearly demonstrate the advantages of industrial computed tomography. Since exaCT volume measurement technology provides both material and geometric data of the entire component, multiple evaluations can be performed on the basis of just one measurement.