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WENZEL Advantage

WENZEL stands for highest quality standards & reliability - The useful life of our machines is often over 20 years!

metrology has been our profession since 1968 and we have developed it to absolute perfection over the years.

We see ourselves as a provider of customised solutions for delivery times of series products. The binding nature of our promises is always our top priority.

Branches & agencies in more than
50 countries - Think globally, act locally.

In order to always offer our customers the best possible solution , we work with strong industry partners.

The right software for all applications

The basic idea of the WENZEL software architecture is to offer SW solutions from WENZEL for all machines and applications, which have the same operating concepts but cover specialized functional scopes. The importance of software has also increased enormously in mechanical engineering in recent years. WENZEL recognized this many years ago and established its own development site for the core software with the acquisition of Metromec AG in Switzerland.

There, and at other locations, around 50 employees now work on WENZEL software solutions that are installed at thousands of workstations. However, not only the importance, but above all the type and intensity of software use is constantly changing. According to the choice of a machine, WENZEL has the most suitable SW solution for each machine in its portfolio. In the meantime, however, measurement tasks are also combined on different machines, e.g. for gear or turbine blade measurement on a classic CMM or for changing tactile probes and optical sensors.

The WENZEL software architecture is designed for this multiple and redundant integration into different solutions. Based on a common HW abstraction layer, the different application solutions are built on top of each other.

  • The base - WM | Quartis
  • The Skyscraper - WM | PointMaster
  • The process optimisers - WM | Sys Analyzer and WM | Generator
  • The specialists - WM | Gear and WM | Blade Analyzer

Our software concept

The WENZEL SW family follows a similar concept to Microsoft. There are good reasons for the parallel existence of word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail and presentation software. However, similar interface concepts facilitate familiarization and switching between solutions.

This is exactly the claim of WENZEL! To offer the best possible solution for every application - from WENZEL hand - according to a proven uniform concept.