Machine upgrades

Optimise the performance of your meter and increase its life expectancy.

Increase productivity

With the WENZEL upgrades and conversions, you ensure that your systems are always state of the art. We are happy to carry out the upgrade and conversion of your existing measurement solution after detailed consultation. This includes the modernization of the software and hardware, also for machines of other manufacturers.

WENZEL Machines
Retrofit by wenzel

So you can optimize the performance of your measuring device at a fair price and increase the life expectancy. Trust our experience and shape the future with WENZEL!

Functions & advantages
  • Restoring the productivity of your machine
  • Increasing performance and accuracy
  • Carrying out safety inspections and accuracy tests
  • Low downtimes
  • Savings compared to investment in new machines
  • Retrofit of WENZEL measuring devices and other makes with manufacturer's warranty
  • Everything from a single source - upgrades and conversions with subsequent after-sales support
  • Possibility to use the latest software
  • Long-term assurance of operational safety and support

Customer service

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