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Nothing works in drive technology without gears. Compliance with the requirements for geometric accuracy of gears is of great importance, especially in view of the increasing use of gears in the automotive industry, for example, and the growing interest in electromobility. Quality assurance and optimization of manufacturing processes play a central role in ensuring the reliability and performance of gears.

The geometric accuracy of gears is of crucial importance for their functional efficiency, performance and low noise. This includes the precise shape of the tooth flanks, correct tooth modification, adherence to the tooth width and accurate control of the tooth pitch.
The manufacture of high-precision gears requires careful process control and quality inspection to ensure reliable torque transmission, high power density, low weight and minimal noise generation.

Various quality assurance methods are used to ensure the quality of the gear teeth. These include the measurement and inspection of geometric characteristics using tactile or optical methods, compliance with inspection protocols and standards, continuous process control during production, and error analysis in the event of deviations from the specified tolerances.

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