Additive manufacturing

3-D printing is on the rise and is no longer used exclusively in prototyping.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing and other additive processes are being used in more and more series productions. Additive processes have long since become indispensable in prototype construction.

Typical materials used in additive processes are mainly plastics. Usually, quite small components are produced in small quantities, but with a high degree of complexity. This increased complexity poses new challenges for the measurement technology used. Areas on components that are difficult to access push conventional measurement technology to its limits. Internal structures that provide increased rigidity or have other functions go beyond the limits of tactile and optical quality control.

WENZEL therefore relies primarily on the industrial computer tomography. With this, even internal features can be checked at a glance and weaknesses (blowhole analysis) in the material quality can also be detected. At the same time, the CT serves as a testing tool to check the accuracy of the 3-D printers used. The data obtained can then be used to set corrections for the machines.

WENZELs exaCT L 150 at 1 to 1 prototyping

exaCT M - Workstation Computed Tomography

CT system for small to medium-sized components

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exaCT L - Tower Computed Tomography

Flexible CT system with many options

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