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Coordinate measuring machines in manufacturing

The workshop-compatible CMMs from WENZEL are universally applicable. Both in the direct production environment, in incoming goods and in classic quality assurance, both series and individual single parts can be measured with the WENZEL SF 55, SF 87 and SF 1210 coordinate measuring machines. The intelligent and compact design is suitable for a wide range of applications in the production environment, especially in the metal cutting and forming industry.

Always the right solution

WENZEL has invested heavily in the development of its store floor measurement systems to reduce the dependence of measurement results on, for example, temperature and dirt. The award-winning SF 87 CMM requires little floor space and offers the best measuring volume to footprint ratio in its class on the market. This makes the SF 87 ideal for a large portion of the metal cutting and forming industry. In addition, WENZEL offers the robust SF 55, the smallest coordinate measuring machine for the store floor, which is characterized by its high cost-effectiveness, among other features. The new SF 1210 offers an excellent low footprint, good accessibility and short measuring times with an enormous measuring volume.