High-quality products deserve high-quality operation. WENZEL offers you various ways to train your employees.


The decisive know-how advantage

Good staff pays off. Qualified employees make optimal use of the potential of machine and software and give you a direct advantage over the competition. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how, which we provide to our customers worldwide.

NEW: Employment agency promotes WENZEL & AUKOM seminars

WENZEL Metrology offers seminars for production metrologists, employees from the production, assembly and testing departments, QA managers, designers and developers, subsidized by the employment agency in accordance with AZAV.

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WENZEL offers you both seminars and individual training. In the seminar, the basics for successful measuring and working with the WENZEL software WM | Quartis and WM | PointMaster as well as all other WENZEL software solutions are laid. In case of individual trainings the group is composed of employees of your company. The contents of the training can be designed according to your requirements and your own workpieces can be measured. The training can take place at WENZEL or on your premises.

WENZEL Training program 2024

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WENZEL is a member of the training Coordinate Measuring Technology e.V. (AUKOM). The association promotes basic training in the field of industrial production metrology, especially coordinate metrology. AUKOM ensured the level and comparability of the courses offered by members of the association within the framework of coordinate metrology training.
AUKOM seminars teach metrological basics and thus ideally complement Metrosoft product training. The AUKOM seminars are offered in three levels (operator, user, expert). Learn everything you need to know for the targeted and successful use of coordinate measuring technology in our seminars. AUKOM is the industry standard in the training of coordinate measuring technicians.

AUKOM Update 2020

The AUKOM measurement technician

The AUKOM expert training

AUKOM shape and position

Service Training

The WENZEL service training enables your employees to help themselves in case of machine malfunctions. This is favored by the modular design of our machines. Often, only a few hand movements are necessary to get the system running again. If the operator is unable to rectify the fault himself, he is at least able to analyze the cause precisely after the training. This supports the work of our service technicians. This reduces downtimes and saves working time and costs.


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