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exaCT L - Tower Computed Tomography

Tower computer tomograph exaCT L

The exaCT L industrial computed tomography system offers a simplified, cost-effective and fully automated workflow for the entire CT analysis process. Due to the high X-ray performance in combination with a fast detector, the exaCT L CT system enables the measurement and inspection of components in a very short time.

Due to the intuitive user guidance, exact measurement results can be generated with the industrial CT after a short training period. The exaCT L thinks for itself: Measurement parameters are automatically optimized by the CT system. In its performance class, the exaCT L is one of the most compact industrial CT scanners on the market. It has three independent axes and offers impressive X-ray performance.

Hardware and software offer the possibility of automated integration into the production line and provide the market-driven answer to questions on the topic of Industry 4.0. WENZEL was awarded the Global New Product Innovation Award 2020 by Frost & Sullivan for the exaCT U.

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High flexibility

Three independent axes | Software for all applications | Powerful beam source for different material densities

Low operating costs

Precision mechanics for higher availability | Longer calibration intervals | Low-maintenance X-ray technology

Best performance through high power

Fast scanning | Fast reconstruction | Fast evaluation

High efficiency due to low space requirement

Large measuring volume | Suitable for workshop use | Automation solutions

One scan, many evaluations, maximum time savings

Metrology with virtual CMM | NDT and failure analysis

Variants & sizes

Net weight
Space requirement
Measuring range
Material penetration
Voxel size
exaCT L 150
2650 kg
8 μm
1810 x 905 x 1910 mm
Ø 230 mm / H 400 mm*
150 kV
75 W; 5 FPS
5 μm
exaCT L 225
2650 kg
8 μm
1810 x 905 x 1910 mm
Ø 230 mm / H 400 mm*
225 kV
1600 W; 5 FPS
35 μm
exaCT L - Tower Computed Tomography
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Product information

Industrial computed tomography is a state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing industry, among others. Due to the high resolution of CT scans, the finest details can be detected even on larger workpieces, which enables accurate analysis of the components. This is particularly useful when examining workpieces with complex geometries, where conventional methods are unable to reach all parts of the workpiece, especially the internal structures.

The fields of application of industrial computed tomography for medium to large workpieces are diverse. They can be used, for example, in the automotive industry, aerospace, energy and medical technology. Applications include quality control of plastic parts, inspection of weld seams and analysis of flow channels in turbines.

Overall, industrial computed tomography with CT systems such as the exaCT L offers a reliable and accurate method for examining medium to large workpieces. The applications are diverse and can help improve the quality and safety of components in various industries.

Fields of application of the CT systems

The exaCT L industrial computer tomograph can be used universally and, thanks to its high measuring volume, can also scan large components with higher densities. It is ideally suited for measuring and inspecting parts made of plastic, light metal, composite materials or multi-materials.

With its closed microfocus X-ray tube, the exaCT L 150 impresses above all with its very high detail resolution. The exaCT L 225 CT system ensures minimum scan times with a closed variofocus X-ray tube with up to 225 kV and a power of up to 1600 watts.

Non-destructive material testing (NDT)

Assembly inspection

Defect analysis


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exaCT L - Tower Computed Tomography
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