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GT Series

The GT series offers the right solution for your measuring task: for small-modulus gears and rotationally symmetrical components, e.g. from the automotive industry, through toothed workpieces and shafts used, for example, in commercial vehicles, railway transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery, right up to the measurement of marine gears.

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Solid & robust granite base | All axles protected against oil & dust | Virtually wear-free construction | Modular system - easy to adapt


Optimised ergonomics | Small & compact footprint | Flexible and space-optimised operating station | Simple multifunctional hand control unit


Air bearings in all axes | Base plate & linear axis guides made of granite | Proven standardised control technology


Tactile scanning sensors SP600 optional SP25 or SP80 | Optional WENZEL optical sensors | Optional WENZEL Roughness sensors

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GT Series
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Product information

For easy clamping of shafts, the gear measuring device can optionally be equipped with a counter holder. Using the counter holder, diameters of up to 1,200 mm can be measured. Components whose measurement does not require a counter holder can even be measured precisely up to a diameter of 1,600 mm. Thus, WENZEL supports a wide variety of industries and provides solutions for the automotive and energy industries, materials handling, agriculture, the aerospace industry, and mechanical and plant engineering.


The GT 300 was specifically developed for the measurement and analysis of gears with small modules and rotationally symmetrical components in the automotive industry. Optionally, the GT 300 can be equipped with a counter holder for measurements between centres.


The GT 450 gear measuring device is typically used in the aerospace, automotive and their supplier industries. It enables the precise analysis of gears and rotationally symmetrical workpieces up to a diameter of 450 mm. Equipped with a counter holder, shafts with a maximum length of 650, 900 or 1200 mm can be measured on this gear measuring device in a measuring range of 650 or 800 mm.


Due to the maximum measurable diameter of 650 mm, the GT 650 is particularly suitable for measuring toothed components and shafts used, for example, in commercial vehicles, railway transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery. The optional counterholder enables the measurement of shafts up to 900 or 1200 mm in length. In the standard version of this gear measuring device, wheel widths of up to 650 or optionally even 800 mm can be measured.


If engine components in the aviation industry or smaller marine gears need to be measured reliably, the GT 900 is the ideal gear measuring device. It is equipped with a movable counter holder and thus enables easy loading of the measuring device. Measuring objects with a maximum diameter of 900 mm can be measured between the tips. The optional counter holder enables the measurement of shafts up to 900, 1,200 or 1,600 mm in length. The GT of this size is actively damped as standard. This also ensures the measurement of large components close to production with high precision.


Large components from the field of mechanical and plant engineering also require a corresponding gear measuring device, the GT 1200. For easy loading of the gear measuring device with large components, it is equipped with a movable counter holder. Using the counter holder, diameters of up to 1,200 mm can be measured. The optional counter holder allows the measurement of shafts up to 1,200 or 1,600 mm in length.As with all machines in the GT series, no separate foundation is required for the GT 1200. The active vibration damping absorbs vibrations from the environment and thus ensures reliable measuring processes.

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GT Series
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