Meet The Team - Bernd Steigerwald

Meet Bernd Steigerwald, Head of Production.

Bernd Steigerwald - Head of Production

Hello and welcome to another episode of #TeamTuesday at the WENZEL Group. Today we're in conversation with Bernd Steigerwald, Head of Production. Tune in to hear what he has to share with us!


Hello Bernd! How are you doing?

Hey, all good here!


Would you like to tell our readers how you got started at WENZEL ?

Sure, I started as an apprentice at WENZEL in 1987. After successfully passing my journeyman's examination in 1991, I resumed my training as a toolmaker. I used the time to hone my skills in various production departments.


So you've been with WENZEL for 35 years this year, congratulations! Please tell us how you got to your current position - department head.

I have been working shifts in CNC machining for over 18 years and was soon promoted to first shift supervisor. My hard work and perseverance were rewarded in 2007 with another promotion to team leader in production. Finally, in 2009, I was named department manager of production.


That is indeed remarkable! What are your daily tasks as head of department?

The morning starts off swinging with mechanical production planning with over 30 employees in the department. Throughout the day, there are a variety of tasks and challenges to overcome. My work revolves around overseeing new developments, improving existing processes, monitoring occupational safety, ordering supplies, materials and tools, controlling production finances and serving on the works council.


Now we come to our favorite question - What has kept you going after so many years on the job at WENZEL ?

The sense of belonging and the appreciation of my own work have kept me here. The friends who have become family, the motivated employees, and the career advancement within the company are the main highlights at WENZEL.


What advice would you like to give to the young employees of WENZEL ?

I would advise them to always be respectful of others, regardless of their designation or age, and to never fail to report any type of problem in the office or on the job.


That's good advice! Thank you for your time, Bernd, have a great day!

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