Meet The Team - Julia Franz

Meet Julia Franz from the Human Resources department.

Julia Franz - HR Department

Today we are talking to Julia Franz from the HR department.

Hi Julia, nice to have you with us today!

Hello, thank you very much!

Let's start the interview by asking when you came to WENZEL ?

I started my career at WENZEL in February 2015 at the reception desk. As the focus became more and more on HR topics, I handed over my function as receptionist to a colleague and can now be found full-time in the HR office.

That's a long time to have a clear opinion about a job. In this context, what do you say about WENZEL?

Absolutely right! - My time at WENZEL was just great. I like the strong team spirit - I can always rely on my colleagues and many have become good friends of mine.

Julia, what do you think is the best thing about working at WENZEL?

The work is very varied and I'm glad that I have a wide range of responsibilities here at WENZEL . In addition to the tasks in the HR department and in the executive secretariat, I support my colleagues at trade fairs, for example. Through the many different tasks, I have developed personally and professionally.

Tell us a little about your interests and passions.

I am an avid skier! Unlike many others, I like the winter season because then I can ski again.

Thank you Julia for taking the time, we appreciate your participation!

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