Meet The Team - Marie Rüfer

Meet Marie Rüfer, assistant to the management and team leader hotline

Welcome back to #TeamTuesday at WENZEL. Today we have Marie Ruefer, Assistant COO and Team Leader Hotline with us. She will give us some insights into her journey with the WENZEL Group.


Hello Marie, welcome aboard and thank you for your active participation.

Hello, I am glad to be here.


You've been working at WENZEL for 11 years now. Please tell us how you got started.

Well, technically it's 10 years; I took time off between2019 and 2020. I started at WENZEL as an office management apprentice from 2011 to 2014 and then slowly and steadily climbed the career ladder.


That's what you call dedication! How would you describe your day-to-day work as a hotline team leader and assistant to the managing director?

I do a variety of tasks every day and it never gets boring at my desk. My work revolves around assisting the COO with appointment coordination, preparing for events or meetings, evaluating figures and preparing data for presentations, supporting the service hotline, customer phone calls, hotel bookings, pool car management, to name just a few 'tasks.


Marie, please tell us when you were promoted from management assistant to hotline team leader? What was the transition phase like?

In July 2016, I took over as team leader of the service hotline in addition to my assistant duties. The positive feedback and the familiarization of my colleagues made it easier for me, because as team leader I also want to be involved in the day-to-day business and be able to step in when needed.


How would you describe the work culture and the relationship with your colleagues at WENZEL ?

My actions speak louder than words. I've been working at WENZEL since I was an apprentice, and that says a lot about a company. My work has always been appreciated, no matter what position I was in. It's like a family here and you never feel like just another employee. So lasting friendships have developed for me as well. Last year, I was even allowed to be the maid of honor for a very good friend (and colleague) that I met at WENZEL .


That definitely sounds like a workplace anyone would want to work at! Thank you, Marie, for taking the time for this interview.

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