Complete measurements of turbine blades with the CORE

Quality assurance in the direct production environment

The measurement of turbine blades pushes many a coordinate measuring machine to its limits. Not so with the CORE product series from WENZEL. In the CORE product series, the most diverse aspects of a turbine blade were taken into account in order to meet all the requirements of the geometric measuring system with one machine. Whether it is the fir tree base or the leading and trailing edges that need to be measured, with the CORE you have made the right choice.

While the known tactile systems quickly reach their limits, as they are limited, for example, by the diameter of the probe ball, the optical sensor of the CORE can detect and measure them.

Yes, the optics also have certain disadvantages, but these have been largely eliminated by the use of modern technologies. For example, there is no need to pre-treat the components by spraying them with chalk spray, which leads to higher measurement accuracy because no material is applied. Where tactile balls cause a filter effect due to their size, the optics can measure points and even the smallest radii with a light spot of 40 µm. Where a tactile measurement is nevertheless indispensable, the hybrid sensor WM | HS from WENZEL is used, this combines the optical with the tactile advantages without a great loss of time.

Measurement of reflective surfaces

The unique white light sensor of the CORE from WENZEL is operated using a specially developed process that enables the measurement of even highly reflective surfaces. This method minimizes the reflections caused by the opposite flanks. Thus, the real light spot can be measured stably. With other optical measurement methods, this effect can lead to incorrect measurements.

Point detection in optically difficult to access areas

The optical accessibility with the fir tree feet and the small radii at the blade often pose a problem. Due to the individual flanks, shadowing occurs, which only allows complete detection of the foot when a special measurement strategy is taken into account. When measuring with the CORE , the profile is scanned twice, each time with a different direction. The two scans are then merged. This makes it optically possible to capture hard-to-reach areas and the smallest radii with a high point density.

The CORE product line from WENZEL is an excellent system, which makes it possible to measure the quality of a component directly in production. The whole is underlined by a stable and reliably reproducible measurement on a wide range of surfaces.

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