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For mould manufacturers, the introduction of precision and high-performance moulds in recent years has led to ever higher quality requirements.

The precision of the mould is determined by the dimensional accuracy of the electrode. Therefore, it is crucial to take accurate measurements of the size and shape of the electrode before mould processing. The company Changyuan Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (CHYUAN) from China, specialises in the development and production of automotive injection moulds. With a planned production capacity of 450 million moulds, the company is one of the largest single manufacturers of automotive injection moulds in northern China.

For more efficient production of precision moulds, CHYUAN has commissioned a fully automated production line for electrodes and mould inserts in its new plant. This enables the integration of disassembly, processing, inspection, repair and offline processes for the electrodes. Since the measuring system used is the key to optimal quality assurance, CHYUAN prefers to use coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). These provide a very effective method of measuring and recording dimensional data. For example, a CMM can replace a variety of surface finish measurement tools and expensive combined gauges. In addition, the coordinate measuring machine reduces the time required for complex measurements from hours to minutes and guarantees both the efficiency and accuracy of measuring the size, shape and positional tolerance of the electrodes.

Automation on the shop floor

CHYUAN relies on the WENZEL coordinate measuring machines XOrbit 77 and LHF 2517. The numbers stand for the measuring volume in the X and Z axis of 700 mm x 700 mm and 2500 mm x 1700 mm respectively. The XOrbit was seamlessly integrated into the production line for electrodes and mould inserts in 2019 for automated 3D coordinate measurement*. The CNC gantry measuring machine is ideally suited for the shop floor environment and can be equipped with switching, measuring and optical sensors. The XOrbit offers an excellent price-performance ratio with high mechanical precision and low operating costs.

The decision for WENZEL was made after a strict selection process. Mr Quan, Quality Manager at CHYUAN, formulates the reasons: "Firstly, our automated production line requires a very stable measuring machine. With WENZEL's measuring machines, the air bearing guides are integrated into the granite base plate. The three axes are uniformly made of granite and the surface is lapped by hand with high precision. This ensures excellent, long-term stability.

Secondly, WENZEL has a sophisticated automatic testing system for electrodes which can realise the automatic loading and unloading of different workpieces, the automatic identification, recognition and interpretation of the test results as well as the automatic storage of the measurement results. Before the acquisition, our technicians travelled to a well-known mould making company in Europe to see the successful use of WENZEL's measuring solution live on site. The high measuring throughput and the excellent stability of the measuring machines had finally convinced us."

Quan goes on to say that the operators are very satisfied with the solution, as the CMMs are intuitive and easy to use. He is also enthusiastic about the service: "WENZEL always puts the customer first and strives to deliver the most cost-effective solutions." For Quan, it is clear that both companies are down-to-earth and share a common vision. He looks forward to working together and a successful partnership.

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