Measurement of high-precision turbine blades

Measurement of high-precision turbine blades

For the quality assurance of its high-precision turbine blades, Hyatech relies on close cooperation with WENZEL. The professional measurement solutions are used there for multi-dimensional measurements in aerospace and industrial manufacturing. Hyatech is an emerging private company based in Wuxi, China, and is convinced "that the highly accurate measuring machines from WENZEL will undoubtedly make Hyatech's product quality even more competitive."


The high-tech company specializes in the research and development, production and sale of key components for aircraft engines. These include high-performance components such as compressor blades, rotating components and parts such as blisks, casings, turbine and compressor disks, rectifiers and rotor components.


Ease of use for software and hardware

The engine is the "heart" of an aircraft, so the rotating parts and structural elements such as the engine blade, blisk, turbine disk and casing are the "muscles and meridians*". As one of the most important parts of the engine, the geometry of the blade directly affects the aerodynamic performance during operation. The characteristic parameters of the engine, the compressor charge ratio, turbine speed, etc., are closely related to the shape and position of the blade. The geometry measurement of the engine blade is therefore particularly important.


Hyatech has grown very rapidly in recent years. With the continuous increase of production capacity and the more and more complex product structure, the need for measuring equipment to keep up with the development has increased. Hyatech has chosen measurement solutions for WENZEL among many suppliers, as Leiyu Zhang, engineer at Hyatech, explains, "WENZEL has a long industrial history and its coordinate measuring machines are made of granite structure narrow. As for the measurement software, the modular design of WENZEL is very convenient for future upgrades. Hyatech already has two WENZEL measuring machines in use, which also took into account the ease and ergonomics of operation for the user. For this reason, Hyatech finally chose the WENZEL LH 2015 coordinate measuring machine."

What challenges has the coordinate measuring machine from WENZEL overcome?

Ø Measurement of the complex product structure

Ø Measurement of the blade profile of the blisks, including the toothing and surface roughness of the turbine blade profile.


Measuring and determining the machining accuracy is particularly important and challenging due to the higher requirements for blade profile size and positional accuracy of the blisks, the uniform arrangement of the blades in the circumferential direction on the blisks and the very small air flow channel between the blades. The LH 2015 five-axis measuring machine from WENZEL solves the above challenges perfectly. The most attractive point of this solution for Leiyu Zhang is "the evaluation and measurement of the blade profile, and the secondary development and application of the gearbox."

Measuring module for gear teeth and roughness measurement

The LH 2015 is a high-speed and high-precision gantryCMM that supports tactile, scanning and optical sensors. The measuring ranges of X, Y and Z are 2000 mm, 4000 mm and 1500 mm, and the load capacity is 6,000 kg, which can easily accommodate the entire blisk as well as large and complex structural elements.


Compared to previous equipment, WENZEL 's solution offers an out-of-the ordinary new experience, as Leiyu Zhang confirms: "First, WENZEL has a lot of experience in measuring blisks and turbine blades. Since the structure of blisks is complex and the surface is also difficult to measure, WENZEL is absolutely competitive in the evaluation and measurement of blade profiles. Secondly, WENZEL offers a measurement module for gears, which is compiled for some special components of parts and is very convenient to use. Finally, WENZEL offers a roughness measurement for blade profiles that has been improved in terms of time and efficiency; and the form of the measurement protocol tends to be standardized." The WENZEL LH 2015 has opened up a whole new world for Hyatech to meet future challenges and opportunities.


Leiyu Zhang is also positive about the service provided by WENZEL : "We have been working with WENZEL for many years. If we have any questions about the software or hardware, WENZEL is always quick to respond. For example, the service technician always appears on site the next morning if there is a problem that occurred in the afternoon of the previous day. In addition, the WENZEL technicians are well behaved and solve problems efficiently. We would like to continue this type of cooperation with WENZEL in the long term."


* In traditional Chinese medicine, a meridian refers to a pathway that runs through the entire body.

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