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Plansee Shanghai

PLANSEE Shanghai

PLANSEE in Shanghai specialises in the production of refractory metals as well as their alloys and composites such as tungsten, molybdenum, etc.

Plansee China's expertise covers the entire manufacturing chain: preparation of the powder, production of near-net-shape, pressed-sintered products, and all aspects of further processing and assembly of complex components. PLANSEE's value-added products place very high demands on geometric dimensions and product tolerances. PLANSEE must develop a high level of expertise in machine manufacturing and measurement. The company has grown rapidly in China in recent years and has successively acquired an WENZEL LH 108 coordinate measuring machine and nine XOrbit coordinate measuring machines during this time.

These machines are very helpful in the geometric measurement of complex parts and the measurement of various shape and position tolerances such as profiles. It is PLANSEE's insistence on the highest quality that has long consolidated its leading position in powder metallurgy materials manufacturing.

LH 108 and XOrbit

Why did PLANSEE choose WENZEL as its supplier when it first contacted WENZEL ? Because the two companies share the same business philosophy of supplying premium products. The design, manufacturing and high level of in-house production ensure the high quality and durability of measuring machines from WENZEL, many of which have maintained their stable performance after decades of use, according to customer feedback. Wang Qiang, head of metrology at PLANSEE, praises the measuring solutions from WENZEL: "The LH 108 coordinate measuring machine with a Y-axis of 1,600 mm is specifically used for measuring some large-sized products. It has been in use for more than eight years and has remained stable and as precise as new machines with 1.8 μm. It's impressive to maintain such high accuracy after eight years of use."

Since 2015, PLANSEE has been purchasing and using XO coordinate measuring machines from WENZEL. To meet the rapid growth in the last six years, PLANSEE purchases measuring machines every year. Some of its products require two to four measuring machines. "WENZEL has always delivered the products on time, although we often need their machines on short notice. When our customers accelerate the progress of a project or we need to meet a deadline in our production, WENZEL is understanding and puts our needs first. They deliver ahead of schedule in a race against time while ensuring quality so we can meet the deadline," says Wang.

Wang Qiang was also impressed with the user experience: "The XO Series is a cost-effective measuring machine whose precision meets our requirements and proves very helpful in our precision machining. Now, almost all of our high-precision parts are measured with the XO series." "If we want our customers to trust that our products are precision machined, we have to make sure our measurement report stands up to scrutiny. We certainly can't shift the blame to our customers. We have been using machines from WENZEL for so many years, but there has never been a divergence in measurement results between ours and our customers'. This also proves that the measuring machines from WENZEL meet our requirements for precision. Our customers are very satisfied with the product quality after the measurement," Wang is pleased.

To date, PLANSEE has purchased nine XO coordinate measuring machines from WENZEL . In the future, WENZEL aims to deliver more innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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