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Shopfloor CMM SF 87

La nouvelle MMT d'atelier SF 87 is the universal measuring device for the manufacturing environment. The SF 87 requires little floor space and offers an optimized measuring volume of 800 x 700 x 700 mm.

This makes it ideal for a large part of the machining and forming industry.

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Flexible and universal use

Compatibilité multi capteurs (optique et tactile) | 5-axis measuring technology | Available with the matching probe changing units

Excellent price-performance ratio

Large measuring volume with small footprint | Low operating costs | No compressed air required

Suitable for workshop and production use

Temperature compensation | Active damping as an option

Modern machine design

Ergonomic and user-friendly | Bionic structures and massless weight compensation | Rotary table option

Integration into the line and into automation processes

Interface WENZEL Automation Interface (WAI) | Can be equipped from three sides | WM I SYS Analyzer

Variants & sizes

Net weight
Max. Workpiece mass
Space requirement
Measuring range
SF 87
1850 kg
2130 x 1560 x 2890 mm
800 x 700 x 700 mm*
Shopfloor CMM SF 87
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Product information

The machine concept offers a very good price-performance ratio with low space requirements. High travel speeds and accelerations ensure high productivity. The combination with powerful probes as well as optical sensors leads to considerable increases in efficiency in your measuring and testing process.

True innovation - 5-axis measurement on the shop floor

The SF 87 Shop Floor CMM from WENZEL combined with Renishaw 's REVO 5-axis measuring system is the latest innovation in metrology in the direct production environment.

SF87 with REVO Video

Areas of application

The SF 87 is a workshop-suitable 3D coordinate measuring machine for measuring small to medium-sized production parts. The intelligent and compact design is suitable for a wide range of applications in the production environment, especially in the machining and forming industry.

Bearing bushes
Engine block 3 cylinders

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Shopfloor CMM SF 87
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