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Renishaw Scanning Probes

Scanning probes from Renishaw

WENZEL offers a comprehensive range of Renishaw scanning probes that capture many hundreds of surface points per second. In this way, shapes as well as size and position can be measured. Single points can also be recorded, similar to touch-trigger probes. Renishaw offers probe solutions for all sizes and types of CMMs.

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Renishaw Scanning Probes
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Product information

Scanning probes can be used to capture the shape and profile of prismatic or complex workpieces very quickly. Whereas "touch-trigger" measurement only measures individual points, scanning records a large number of data and thus provides much more precise information about the shape and form of the feature or workpiece. Scanning is therefore used wherever complex free-form geometries are reproduced or where shape accuracy or complex surfaces must be within certain tolerances.

Scanning requires a fundamentally different approach to sensor design, coordinate measuring machine control and data analysis. The innovative design of the probes for scanning (no motors, no clamping mechanisms) provides exceptional dynamic behaviour, enabling the best scanning performance, even at high speeds. Separate optical sensing provides independent sensing of stylus deflections for greater accuracy.

  • SP25M
    Compact scanning probe (only 25 mm diameter) with scanning and touch-trigger modules
  • SP600
    Highest precision when checking, digitising and scanning profiles
  • SP80
    Pinole-mounted probe for scanning with excellent measuring performance even with long styli

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Renishaw Scanning Probes
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