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LH and WM|MMA in use at Diebold Nixdorf.

As we all know, the fun stops when it comes to money. It doesn't matter whether you receive it or have to pay it. Everything has to be right down to the hundredth. Diebold Nixdorf, as a manufacturer of ATMs and POS systems, has to be even more precise - here, the thousandth is the measure of all things. And WENZEL is the first choice.

Diebold Nixdorf is one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions for banks and retailers. The company offers hardware, software, consulting and services from a single source. Diebold Nixdorf is the market leader in Germany for ATMs and POS systems. The product range for banking includes the complete range of automation and self-service systems, such as ATMs, information and transaction terminals or receipt printers.

For retailers, Diebold Nixdorf offers checkout systems, so-called self-checkout systems. As well as information systems and solutions for store automation, such as electronic shelf labelling systems. Diebold Nixdorf is active worldwide, with its largest development and production site in Paderborn. Every year, tens of thousands of ATMs and self-checkout systems come from the factory in East Westphalia.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has its own sheet metal production, surface technology, component production with final assembly and extensive testing capacities. The internal resources are supplemented by an extensive network of specialised suppliers. On this basis, complete cash register and cash dispensing systems are created in Paderborn, from individual parts to final assembly.

Gatekeeper for internal and external quality

Practically every component of the systems - whether from our own company or from outside - is sent to metrology in Paderborn. This is not only for series and production-accompanying testing. The main task is the initial sample inspection for qualification, the "Go" or "No" for the parts suppliers as well as the tool release for internal production. The incoming goods inspection thus bears the central gatekeeper responsibility at the gateway to production.

If the wheat was not separated from the chaff quickly and at an early stage, this would have far-reaching consequences in all subsequent process steps. If you consider that a complex cash dispensing or cash register system may well consist of several thousand parts, you can imagine the challenge that has to be mastered. The challenge is not only the quick inspection of many similar workpieces, but also the variety of parts. And this results in the large number of measuring programmes required.

Quality instead of quantity is then also the equally simple and demanding motto. But still under continuous time pressure. This is because production needs the rapid release of supplier parts and in-house production, as it operates just in time to a certain extent. The variety in the inspection volume is indeed considerable. It ranges from a simply shaped washer a few millimetres in size to a complete housing the size of a household refrigerator with numerous measuring points. Nevertheless, the measuring room must not become the eye of the needle in the overall process.

However, precisely this case threatened in 2014 with the obsolescence of the measuring machines that had been in use until then and for a good two decades. On the one hand, their manufacturer discontinued the hardware service for the machines in question. For another, the user software no longer met Diebold Nixdorf's requirements, such as measuring against 3-D CAD data models. In search of a more motivated and technically convincing alternative, those responsible for quality at Diebold Nixdorf looked to other positive business relationships in the measurement sector.

This came in the form of the Wenzel sales partner Klostermann from Remscheid, which had already been entrusted with measuring services from Paderborn for years. Klostermann Ingenieurbüro und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH has been involved in the various areas of coordinate measuring technology for more than four decades: sales of 3-D measuring machines, scanning systems, clamping and fixture systems, contract measuring technology, service for measuring machines and a comprehensive range of training courses. "With this profile - especially the distribution of WENZEL measuring machines - we obviously exactly met Diebold Nixdorf's expectations for a future-oriented reorganization at the Paderborn plant," says a pleased Christian Klostermann, Managing Director.

Large gantry measuring machine combines coordinate & gear measuring technology

Working together with those responsible in Paderborn, Klostermann developed a coherent overall concept for the re-equipping with initially two 3D coordinate measuring machines WENZEL LH 87. In addition, the WM | Quartis measuring software from WENZEL installed by Klostermann opened up a whole new world of possibilities. For example, a quick selection panel for triggering stored measuring programs allows even less experienced users to carry out the inspection.

This means that practically all employees in Diebold Nixdorf's incoming goods department and measuring room can now work with the systems, regardless of their level of metrological qualification. With several hundred stored measuring programmes, this is a real blessing and an enormous boost to productivity.

And the new software is no longer "only" running on the two new WENZEL LH 87 machines acquired in 2014. Another 3DCMM - a Wenzel LH 108 - and a measuring arm from the WENZEL WM | MMA series now complete the quality assurance equipment. With the LH 108 and its large measuring range, it is now possible to test even the largest components used in-house. The WENZEL measuring arm is used for complete systems that are too large and heavy even for the LH 108 - such as fully assembled ATMs including a safe unit.

WM | MMA Measuring arm

Mobile measurement in the production environment

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Renishaw Turning/Pivoting Heads

Automated & exact positioning

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LH series

Quick & easy to accurate measurement results

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LH series with turntable

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WM | Quartis

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