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WM | Gear (Analyzer)

Software WM | Gear Analyzer from WENZEL

WM | Gear, together with the WM | Gear Analyzer is the innovative software package for data acquisition, measurement and evaluation of involute gears and bevel gears with coordinate measuring machines.

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User-friendly data management

Input of geometry data, measuring tasks, evaluation rules and tolerances | Any number of workpieces can be stored | Import / export of data

Extensive evaluation options

Support of recognised standards | Free tolerances possible for each feature | Transparent filter configuration | Company standards possible on request

Interactive measurement sheet display

Superelevation automatic / fixed | Aspect ratio automatic / fixed | mm / inch changeover | Subsequent change of measuring sheet prepressure

High flexibility

Fully automatic measurement process | Evaluation and presentation parameters can be subsequently modified | Manufacturer-independent evaluation of measurement results

Variants & sizes

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WM | Gear (Analyzer)
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Product information

Users can take advantage of the extensive capabilities of the WM | Quartis measuring software (e.g. probe management, calibrating probes, determining the workpiece position and determining the rotary table system). Communication between WM | Gear and WM | Gear Analyzer is based on the open GDE standard (VDI / VDE Guideline 2610).


  • Profile check
    Extensive parameterisation of the measuring tasks. All common profile characteristics can be determined. Profile testing possible on any number of teeth. Multiple profile checks on one tooth possible. Profile corrections can be selected separately for each measuring position (crowning, head/foot retraction, nominal skew, K-template, design profile).
  • Edge line testing
    Extensive parameterisation of the measuring tasks. All common flank line characteristics can be determined. Flank line testing possible on any number of teeth. Several flank line tests possible on one tooth. Flank corrections can be selected for each measuring position (crowning, end relief, nominal skew, K-template, design flank).
  • Measuring bevel gears
    The following evaluations, among others, are possible on straight and
    spiral bevel gears:
    - Target data calculation for straight bevel gears
    - Import of target data in Klingelnberg and Gleason format
    - Topographical measurement of bevel gear flanks
    - Pitch and runout check
  • Determination of absolute dimensions
    The following characteristics are possible at up to three different tooth positions:
    - tip circle diameter
    - root circle diameter
    - single ball dimension
    - double ball dimension
    - single roll dimension
    - double roll dimension
    - tooth width
    - tooth thickness
  • Pitch & runout inspection
    Extensive parameterisation of the measuring tasks. All common pitch and concentricity characteristics can be determined. Up to
    three pitch tests at different tooth positions possible. Eccentric-corrected evaluation possible.

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WM | Gear (Analyzer)
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