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Nikon LC15Dx

Sensor LC15Dx from Nikon

By using Nikon sensors on a WENZELKMG, WENZEL offers its customers an additional benefit. The expanded portfolio of optical sensors means that the right sensor can be offered for each customer in terms of measurement time, accuracy and level of detail. CMMs in use can also be upgraded with the new optical sensors by WENZEL .

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Nikon LC15Dx
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Product information

The LC15Dx is an economical alternative to the tactile probe. Users get a better estimate of the dimensional quality of their products without sacrificing cycle times. Many workpieces, geometries and materials can be measured more effectively, including many parts that are too delicate or sensitive for a tactile probe.


  • PH10M/MQ Auto pick-up - automatic scanner and probe change
  • Temperature stabiliser - no need for preheating
  • Reflection filter - neutralises unwanted reflections
  • Daylight filter - absorbs ambient light
  • Fully integrated - acquisition of the laser signal via probe interface
  • "Range" finder - user guidance for manual operation
  • High quality Nikon lenses - for higher accuracy and better data quality

Areas of application

The LC15Dx offers significant advantages in dimensional quality control of a wide range of precision parts and geometries, including small details, semi-rigid materials and complex components.

  • High-precision parts and small geometries (composites, blades, compressors, medical machines etc.) with complex surfaces
  • Features (slotted holes, bores, pins etc.)
  • 3D digitisation with great detail

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Nikon LC15Dx
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