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AZAV-supported WENZEL seminars help people back into working life

The high quality of our training system and the qualification measures offered have been confirmed to us by the employment agency through AZAV certification. This enables us to support people who want to find their way back into working life through high-quality qualification.


We are very pleased that we have succeeded in this! - Since the start of our AZAV-supported seminars in 2022, 85% of our participants have been able to gain a foothold in working life again. The knowledge and skills they have acquired are of great benefit to everyone in their everyday working lives, according to feedback from our participants.


This encourages us in our commitment and our desire to continue to make such a positive impact.


We offer the following AUKOM AZAV seminar dates in the next weeks:

AUKOM 1: 12. - 16.06.2023 (KW24)

AUKOM Form & Position: 21. to 23.06.2023 (week 25)

AUKOM 2: 10. - 14.07.2023 (week 28)


Please contact:

Ekkehart Jesser

AUKOM Responsible

Tel.: +49 06020 201-8410

Fax: +49 06020 201-8199


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