Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Ultrasonic thickness measurement with REVO RUP1 ultrasonic probe

The Renishaw REVO RUP1 ultrasonic probe enables single-sided measurement of workpiece thickness, providing the ability to measure features previously inaccessible with tactile systems.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement with the RUP1 has been integrated into the WM | Quartis . You can perform thickness measurements and evaluate the results in corresponding characteristics.

The RUP1 probe system makes automatic thickness measurement an integral part of your CMM measurement process. Unlike many other ultrasonic systems, the RUP1 does not require water tanks or coupling gels to provide good signal transmission. Instead, it uses an innovative elastomeric ball tip that provides excellent coupling between the probe and the material.

The RUP1 ultrasonic probe eliminates the need for trained operators to interpret oscilloscope screens and saves shop floor space occupied by dedicated dip tanks. The use of ultrasonics to measure part thickness on one side also offers clear advantages over traditional tactile measurement methods for parts where access to internal features is difficult.

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