WM | Quartis R2024-1

WM | Quartis R2024-1 brings numerous innovations for various applications and areas of use.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 is now available and brings numerous innovations for various applications and areas of use.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 automatically saves your data in file-based relational databases. For even more performance and independence from Microsoft Office installations, the robust SQLite database format has been used. The changeover is seamless - nothing changes in the application.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 contains new functions for improved PDF measurement reports. Form fields enable the direct editing of text in the PDF report. Text content can be output as editable and searchable text in the PDF document. In order to prevent or trace changes to measurement reports, the PDF report can be provided with a digital signature and thus protected.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 includes additional functions and improvements for optical measurement and evaluation. The CAD import with automatic STL triangulation saves you valuable time when comparing with actual data. CAD models of an assembly can be triangulated individually and with variable resolution. You capture point clouds more efficiently with optical line scanners. When extracting, you save a work step because reference plane extraction has been integrated. Virtual simulation parameters for point cloud measurements with laser line scanners facilitate offline programming and offline execution of measurement programs.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 automatically generates a measurement program from your measurement plan (element and feature list) that extracts the elements from the point cloud. This function saves a considerable amount of time during programming.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 simplifies the standard-compliant evaluation of the surface shape and line shape features. You benefit from the modernized definition of the reference system.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 contains a new filter function that allows you to filter elements efficiently and effectively at a later stage.

WM | Quartis R2024-1 offers further useful improvements and enhancements in addition to updated CAD interfaces. You can find out more on the following pages.


Some new features are not included in the standard product WM | Quartis R2024-1 and require additional, chargeable modules.

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