WM | Quartis R2023-2

The new release of our measuring software WM | Quartis R2023-2 is now available.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 brings numerous innovations for diverse applications and areas of use.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 contains further useful functions for standard-compliant tolerance evaluation according to ISO GPS and ASME Y14.5. You evaluate distances of two parallel straight lines optionally with the specification operators (LP,GG, GC, GN, GX or E). The position tolerance of a pattern tolerance supports further use cases. You can now also evaluate the diameters of an entire group of circles or cylinders in one step. In addition, you can now also evaluate user-defined characteristics with a one-sided (zero-limited) tolerance zone.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 shows in the 3D graphic the components mounted on the coordinate measuring machine, such as the probe changer, reference ball, clamping plates, stop angle or clamping devices. You program and check your measuring sequences even more efficiently thanks to the expanded graphic display.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 includes some improvements for simplified and better measuring. You define and scan any spatial 3D curves on your parts. When scanning generatrices on rotationally symmetrical elements, such as cylinders, cones or spheres, the "Constant scan direction" setting ensures more stable measurement results. With the REVO RUP1 ultrasonic probe , you can perform thickness measurements on previously inaccessible workpieces.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 includes additional functions for optical measurement and evaluation. You measure directly on polygon meshes and can thus evaluate the actual data recorded with a computer tomograph (CT) in terms of length measurement. Point clouds or polygon meshes can be conveniently aligned with the new fully automatic best-fit alignment. The optimized triangulation of the CAD models ensures more meaningful nominal/actual comparisons. You can now also generate such colored 3D comparisons directly from point clouds.

WM | Quartis R2023-2 offers updated CAD interfaces as well as other useful improvements and enhancements.

Benefit from the following innovations, among others:


Standardized tolerance evaluations according to ISO GPS and ASME

  • Evaluate the distance between two parallel lines with specification operators (LP, GG, GC, GN, GX or E).
  • Evaluate further cases of a position tolerance with pattern tolerance
  • Evaluate diameter of an element group
  • Evaluate user-defined characteristic with zero-limited tolerance zone

Graphic display of the components mounted on the CMM

  • Graphical display of components mounted on the coordinate measuring machine, such as reference ball, probe changing systems, clamping plates, stop angles, vices, clamping devices, etc.

Simplified and better measurement

  • Define any spatial curves and scan them as 3D curves
  • Consistent scan direction when measuring with distribution method "Mantel lines
  • Thickness measurement with Renishaw REVO RUP1 ultrasonic probe

Optical measurement and evaluation

  • Measurement on polygon meshes for direct length-measuring evaluation of CT data
  • Optimized triangulation of CAD models
  • Fine alignment (best fit) of polygon meshes and point clouds
  • Color 3D comparisons of point clouds with CAD nominal data
  • Advance and retard of optical scan paths are separately adjustable
  • Automatically calculated optical scan paths can be customized

Other innovations

  • New and adapted CAD interfaces
  • REVO RSP3 Scanning probe time-optimized calibration
  • Windows screen scaling for high resolution screens (High-DPI) supported
  • Position the measuring device: Save and reload positions
  • Scanning with rotary table: start-up/run-down distance supported
  • Drag and drop to open and import files
  • Optimized mouse wheel zoom in graphics window
  • Call subroutines parameterized

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