WM | Quartis R2023-1

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The WM | Quartis R2023-1 brings numerous innovations for special applications and fields of use.


Benefit from the following innovations, among others:

  • Color 3D comparisons with deviation flags
  • Automatic distribution of laser line scanner scan paths over CAD surfaces
  • Rough alignment of point clouds, polygon meshes and workpieces
  • Measure, process and evaluate 3D curves
  • Import CAD models with PMI and visualize them in 3D graphics
  • Evaluate the distance between two parallel planes with specification operators (LP, GG, GC, GN, GX or E).
  • Evaluate further cases of a position tolerance with pattern tolerance
  • Tolerance tables for plastic moldings according to ISO 20457 integrated
  • Query and document probe system calibration data
  • Optimized interface to WM | Gear gear measuring software
  • Operate manual and motorized counterholders of the WENZEL GT gear measuring devices
  • ROMER Hexagon measuring arms operate with RDS version 6
  • New and adapted CAD interfaces

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Improvements WM | Quartis R2023-1

Products and Modules WM | Quartis R2023-1

System Requirements WM | Quartis R2023-1


Innovations WM | Quartis R2023-1

Productsand Modules WM | Quartis R2023-1

System requirementsWM | Quartis R2023-1

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