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Employment agency promotes WENZEL & AUKOM seminars

WENZEL Metrology offers seminars for production metrologists, employees from the production, assembly and testing departments, QA managers, designers and developers, subsidized by the employment agency in accordance with AZAV.

Many companies have been hit so hard by the pandemic that they have had to announce short-time work. A large number of our customers, who come from the automotive industry and its suppliers, the aviation industry, mechanical engineering and many others, are still in this situation. Often, layoffs are to be feared.

Join the international standard of education

We are in a position to help our customers and their employees decisively through our further training measures. Qualified employees are especially sought after in the area of quality assurance and production measurement technology . Since there is no state training for production metrology technicians , our further training measure forms the industry standard that is recognised worldwide .

Achieving technological progress

The technology in production measurement technology is developing very quickly and is becoming more and more complex. The digitalisation and automation of processes in metrology is progressing steadily. Companies whose employees are on short-time work can take advantage of our further training measures and thus gain a technological edge. The jobs are thus secured in the long term.

Qualified employees wanted
If employees have to be laid off for economic reasons, well-qualified employees can be very well placed . The same applies to jobseekers who are already unemployed; their employability is significantly improved by our further training measures.

The WENZEL Academy offers...

...AUKOM Seminars

Seminars AUKOM Levels 1, 2, AUKOM Form & Position, AUKOM 3.

AUKOM Form & Position is currently becoming the global industry standard for production metrologists, designers and developers who want to make profitable use of GPS and ASME tools.

...WM | QUARTIS Seminars

Quartis Basic Geometry, Quartis Structure Geometry, Quartis Structure Freeform and

Quartis Shape & position in practice,

Our seminars are industry standard for the training of production measurement technicians.

If you are interested, our flyer offers AZAV supported seminars the most important information for you:

We would be pleased to be able to help you further through our qualification measures.

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