WENZEL shows metrology-trends in the sign of industry 4.0

Frankfurt am Main/Düsseldorf, 08 June 2022 - From 21 to 24 June, METAV 2022 in Düsseldorf will showcase metrology solutions that provide users with powerful support for digital transformation. The spectrum ranges from software apps to "altar boys" that work fully automatically and error-free after a brief tap with a finger. The smart concepts that their companies will be showcasing at METAV 2022 will be reported by Dr. Heike Wenzel, Managing Director of Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, Wiesthal, and Hermann Diebold, CEO of Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. in Jungingen.

"The turbulent times we are currently experiencing pose major challenges for almost all companies," explains Dr. Heike Wenzel. "However, despite the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, - after the successful completion of fiscal year 2021 - our signs continue to point to growth." Regardless of the crisis mode, the Wenzel Group CEO sees many catch-up projects since the beginning of 2022. She is pleased to note that "many companies are now investing in future topics such as e-mobility or sustainability".

"Horrendous price increases" and procurement problems

For Hermann Diebold, the procurement of materials and electronic components is the biggest problem. This is exacerbated by "horrendous price increases" which "we find difficult to pass on to the customers". The Corona pandemic hit the company hard because employees were absent, but this problem has been overcome in the meantime. The Ukraine war is only noticeable in the south German tool factory in the increased energy costs. Diebold: "We are currently going to trade fairs again and meeting many people. Let's see if the Covid issue flares up again as a result."

Both managing directors will be showing solutions at METAV 2022 that support users in digitizing the factory. "Especially in times of digital transformation, we see metrology not only as important and interesting, but positioned at the center," emphasizes Managing Director Wenzel. She describes the WM | Generator EDP tool as a revolutionary development, with which measuring programs can be generated automatically and thus much more productively from CAD models with the product and manufacturing information.

Errors passé thanks to built-in measurement and control technology

Automating the measuring process also plays an important role for Diebold. In Düsseldorf, for example, the company is showing new machines for heat-shrinking tools, whose operation by simply tapping the touchscreen goes beyond a purely data-driven Industrie 4.0 solution. This so-called one-touch operation starts the process, which is then taken over by the built-in measurement and control technology: The device detects the mould contour and automatically regulates energy input and exposure time.

"With one touch, the process runs fully automatically and errors are absolutely impossible," says Diebold. "This ensures true sustainability, as only the minimum necessary electrical energy is consumed. In addition, the tools are protected from damage, which was not the case before."

Online measurement in real time and with balancing machines

The Düsseldorf trade show is also about the still continuing trend towards online measurement, which ideally even runs in real time. For this task, the Bavarian Wenzel Group already developed four years ago a real-time capable software for analyzing the measuring tasks and the machines used in the process. "The WM | SYS Analyzer offers the full scope of data transparency for measuring machines and the measuring environment," says managing director Wenzel. "Authorized users are provided with all necessary information in real time in an appealing interface."

Diebold is also observing a demand for online measurement. For this purpose, the company from Baden-Württemberg offers its customers a quality check of Diebold tool holders. "The tool holders are measured electronically in our company and each individual part receives a digital measurement report. This enables the customer to see which HSK tapers are of standard quality and which are not or no longer."

The other solution is a new machine series for balancing tools and grinding wheels. Diebold: "Our decades of experience in tool manufacturing and spindle construction have enabled us to develop digitised balancing machines that measure significantly more accurately than previous products on the market."

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