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Visit WENZEL at Control in Stuttgart in Hall 5 | Booth 5101.

Get exclusive insights into our wide range of products in the fields of coordinate and gear metrology as well as industrial computed tomography, for the measuring room and the direct manufacturing environment - gladly also fully automated.

We will also be presenting many new software products that further facilitate the operation of our machines, such as the WM | Shopfloor Interface , or increase productivity, such as the WM | Generator, which can be used to automatically generate measuring programs from CAD models with PMI information.

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Current topics & trends in the metrology

Close-to-production and faster measurement - Faster measurement in step with production is often more important than further increases in accuracy. Here we are already moving into ranges smaller than 1 µm.

Sustainable production is inextricably linked with quality assurance. Our modern measuring processes ensure high accuracy, higher productivity and fewer defective parts. This significantly supports manufacturing companies in avoiding scrap and the waste of raw materials.

Automation has been a trend for years, but it will continue to grow, especially due to the increasingly acute shortage of skilled workers . Our machines and software products are designed to be smoothly integrated into partial or full automation.

On the software side , the topic of automatic measurement program generation (PMI) is gaining in importance. However, if the companies then realize that often the prerequisites in the design etc. are not even given yet, then it is mostly pushed back a little into the future again. It is also important to make the measuring machines easy and intuitive to operate. Here, a lot of attention is paid to the measuring software, which should support the operator in the best possible way.
The stronger networking of the measuring machines on the store floor is supported by the standardization on the basis of OPC UA and the closed loop between measuring and processing machine.

On the customer side, we are noticing that we are increasingly being requested as a full-service provider , also due to the shortage of skilled workers. We not only supply the machine and the automation support, but more and more often we create the measurement programs and hand over the measurement solutions in operational use.

These are our exhibits

Measuring software
- WM | Quartis Release 2023-2
- OPC UA Dashboard for monitoring and controlling machine operations
- Automation Interface for easy coupling of our machines with a manufacturing cell

GT 300 gear measuring machine...
with significant, functional innovations. The GT 300, the smallest solution from our gear measuring machine product group together with our gear software family WM | Gear and WM | Gear Analyzer.

Industrial computed tomography...
for measuring tasks incl. automation. With the models exaCT S, M, L and U we have a very wide range of products. See the exaCT S and exaCT L live at the trade show.

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) of the EcoLine series
We are pleased to present our EcoLine concept to you. With it, we have created a new regenerative business model and save up to 50% of the CO2 consumption compared to the production of a new coordinate measuring machine.

LH108 with rotary table
With top-class 3D gantry measuring instruments quickly and easily extended to precise measuring results with rotary table.

LH87 with REVO
The cycle time of the production is the specification for the metrology, this can be achieved very well with the flexible 5-axis measuring head REVO or the use of our optical sensors.

SF 87 with Automation
The store floorCMM for measurement in the production environment. In relation to the footprint, the machine offers an optimal measuring volume for this design. Powerful probes and optical sensors provide a further increase in efficiency. We show the solution with automatic placement.

Mobile measurement
WM | MMA Measuring arms capture the complete geometry of a component and are very flexible and, above all, mobile due to many degrees of freedom and small dimensions. The mobile handheld 3D scanner mScan enables fast and reliable measurements with simple operation. Both measuring arms and handheld scanners are extremely useful for a wide range of applications, such as quality assurance, reverse engineering and production monitoring.

Presentations at our booth

News from WENZEL Computed Tomography & Gear Measuring Technology and...
...how to put gears through their paces!

A lecture by Dr. Uwe Hilpert and Stefan Staab.
Daily from May 9 to 12, 2023 | 11:00 am.

Learn more about our versatile and comprehensive measurement solutions in the field of industrial computed tomography and gear metrology and how they can be used to fully inspect a gear.

◾ GD&T measurements
◾ Gear measurements
◾ Material analysis
◾ Wall thickness analysis
◾ CAD comparison
◾ Reverse engineering
◾ Shrinkage and warpage
◾ Standard automation interface

Exhibits at our partners

Renishaw: Hall 9 Booth 9101
SF1210 with REVO‍

At Renishaw , we will be showing our CMM SF 1210 with the REVO, which has been optimized for manufacturing requirements. The cycle time of manufacturing is the specification for the metrology, this can be achieved very well with a flexible 5-axis measuring head or the use of optical sensors.

VDMA: Hall 5, Booth 5508
OPC UA - A common language for all machines
As an open interface standard, OPC UA is a key prerequisite for the successful introduction of Industrie 4.0 in production. OPC UA ensures the interoperability of machines and systems, which can be linked and reconfigured as required via Plug & Work - platform-independent and cross-manufacturer. We are currently working in the VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology working group on the fundamental standard, for better communication and interoperability in the metrology.

Kreon: Hall 3, Booth 3304
LH 65 with optical sensor technology
Our innovative partnership with Kreon in the field of portable measurement solutions and 3D laser scanning helps us to offer our customers the best possible solution on the market.

Pantec: Hall 3, Booth 3425
SF 55 Shopfloor CMM

The robust SF 55 is our smallest coordinate measuring machine for the shopfloor area, which is characterized, among other things, by high cost-effectiveness and is suitable for measuring both series and individual single parts.

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