Interview with IHK presidents

Caroline Trips and Dr. Heike Wenzel - the first female IHK presidents in Mainfranken and Aschaffenburg

For the first time in the history of the Lower Franconian Chambers of Industry and Commerce, both chambers are headed by women. The Würzburg-Schweinfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce has been headed by Chamber President Caroline Trips since January 2023. The Aschaffenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already had a female president since February 2022: Dr. Heike Wenzel.

Both IHK presidents represent the interests of companies in Mainfranken and the Bavarian Lower Main. The promotion of infrastructure and cooperation between business and science play important roles here. After all, the reliable supply of affordable energy and the recruitment of skilled workers and employees are of central importance for economic success. To advance these issues, representing the interests of the regional economy vis-à-vis politicians and promoting networks are the tasks of IHK Presidents Dr. Heike Wenzel and Carolin Trips.

In the interview, they also talk about the strengths of female managers and the role model function for girls and women.

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